It has been a week since I came crashing down to Earth after spending the best few days in Dublin, and I thought that it was about time I talked about it.

When I went to New York for the first time six years ago I thought that I could never fall more in love with a city: that was until I fell head over heels with Dublin. I arrived in the centre of the city at 8.15am and this was the sight I was met with.

What a greeting

I had the most amazing few days, and I crammed so much in: from the Guinness Storehouse to the James Joyce Centre, walking along the Liffey to eating Irish stew in the oldest pub in Ireland. I learned about Dublin’s Viking history and saw where Jonathan Swift was buried. I travelled around the city on an open top bus, ate lunch across the road from where Oscar Wilde once lived, and I even learned how to pour the perfect pint of the ‘black stuff,’ which is actually ruby red by the way!

My perfectly pulled pint

I was completely out of my comfort zone: I was staying in a hostel with strangers in a city I didn’t know. On my first day as I walking across the cobbled streets of Temple Bar I thought ‘I’m totally lost and it feels incredible.’ I learned so much about myself, my sense of direction and my sense of adventure. I lived each day as it came, was present in every moment and had the most incredible experience. It didn’t matter that I was lost because as long as I could find the river I could find my way home. One day, I walked half a mile in the wrong direction. The next day, I walked a mile out of my way for breakfast. Another morning, I had to walk around in circles because I’d got up too early and nothing was open. I walked about 24 miles in just under 4 days and never visited the same place twice.


This trip was exactly what I needed to remind me who I am and what I want to do with my life. It’s amazing how a few days out of the ordinary can open your eyes to the world beyond your bedroom window. I want to be able to go on weekend breaks like this more often and that will be so much easier when I finally break into the industry that I’ve been working towards. Dublin has rekindled a fire within me and taught me to grab life by the horns because, if I put my mind to it, nothing is beyond my grasp.

I think I might put this on a canvas






Dublin was delightful, the people were marvellous, and the views were breathtaking.

Wherever I went I was met with words and phrases that stood out, but the ones that meant the most to me, that I will carry with me, and that I offer to you, dear readers, are these:

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.


What do you think?

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