Yesterday, when I returned from a blissful Sunset Spa at Whittlebury Hall, my dad said that he didn’t think I realised how stressed I was. To begin with I said I did know; after all, that was why I booked the spa retreat in the first place. However, when I woke up this morning with no aches, no pains, and having slept straight through the night, I realised that maybe he was right.

For the last 6 months I’ve had a car-shaped cloud hanging over my head. I’m not going to go into what happened, but I can say that today I finally shifted that cloud and I could cry with joy.

I’ve also been working long hours, trying to breakthrough into a different industry and managing my long-distance relationship. It’s daily life, everyone deals with it, everyone knows that it becomes a struggle. I reached the point of walking blindly through my days longer ago than I realised and the two weeks off that I have been gifted with this month have been well-deserved and much needed.

I’ve visited family friends that I haven’t seen in two years, as well as my niece who I don’t see nearly often enough. I spent a day in Bristol and another in Bath. I went to the cinema, Nando’s and Turtle Bay with a friend and then just hung out blogging, watching terrible films and discussing life. I’ve been for lunch with my Granny and spent days enjoying being at home. I have packed four bags full of books, two of DVDs, one of shoes and a box of various other items to go to the charity shop. I’ve spent quality time with my girlfriend. I relaxed at the spa with my dad’s partner which is something we both needed more than we realised. I celebrated New Year with friends I love and with whom I hope to spend far more time in the future. I have even started playing the piano again!

I’ve packed so much into 10 days and I still have a week to go.

On Wednesday, I’m off to Dublin for 4 days of adventure and Guinness; I’ve never been, so I am incredibly excited.

I think that this short break from all things work related is just what I’ve needed to rediscover my joie de vivre.

2017 is treating me very kindly. Long may it continue.


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