I know this is now incredibly late; Advent is over, Christmas has passed and we’re a week into the new year,  but I did complete my days of kindness and wanted to write a final post to reflect that.

Day 15

Today I split my lunch break into two so that my colleague could eat later because she doesn’t like an early lunch.

Day 16

The present for my girlfriend arrived today. It was a little tiger clip for her to attach her name badge to at work; she works with children and wanted something cute instead of her boring one. She had wanted one for ages but could never justify it so I sent one her way as a little pre-Christmas surprise.

Day 17

I topped up my Starbucks card. This might seem like an odd one to include. It’s kind to future me though because, in doing so, I fulfilled an opportunity to receive a free coffee.

Day 18

Today I was supposed to have the day off work but I went in for an hour in order to laminate some papers for my manager. Kindness always pays off and my kindness was as a result of the kindness offered to me by my manager.

Day 19

I started wrapping my Christmas presents today, this may not have been an act of kindness exactly but it reminded me of everything I had bought to show appreciation for the people in my life that I love.

Day 20

I gave my Secret Santa gift to its recipient today. She got a little bit emotional and gave me a huge hug. I went with something small but thoughtful and it got the most brilliant reaction.

Day 21

Christmas movie night! Tucked up on the sofa with blankets, two friends and a whole load of food, watching Elf and sorting out all three of our lives. Advice given and advice received: kindness continues to breed kindness.

Day 22

Today was my last day off before Christmas and I hung out with Kat all day which we haven’t been able to do for ages. I had promised her my time and I finally managed to give it to her.

Day 23

I went on the milk run at work today. With no milk our shop simply doesn’t function so this was kind to a whole host of people, not least the customers.

Day 24

Today I left a bag full of goodies for my family to keep them busy on the final day before Christmas. I also left a note telling them all how much I love them because I do and I don’t say it nearly often enough.

I am not stopping kindness completely just because Advent is over. Giving nice things to people puts good vibes out into the Universe and you can always expect something nice back from that. I will not, however, be specifically hunting for something to do each day to write about. I really struggled with these posts, not because I am not kind, but because I was never sure which kind thing I had done was worth writing about. Some days I think that simply smiling at someone or thanking them for holding open a door is kind but it didn’t exactly feel like something to write home about.

I hope that 2017 is bringing you all wonderful things. Happy new year!


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